Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My dearest friends what a wonderful time I had at my tea party with all of you yesterday. We are going to party on today as my special guests have arrived from Europe. I feel so lucky to have many great friends and these two are very special indeed. Both of them have a unique sense of romantic beauty and an enchanting blog that will make you smile with the heart of a child as you fall inside their charming fairytale adventures. Please meet my 'FLOWER GIRL' all the way from Hilltop Farm in Holland, Miss Mousie and her ever so dashing escort The Tea Rat. Miss Mousie will chose all the flowers for my wedding and have them supplied fresh the same day from Hollands 'famouse' flower auctions. The enchanting Rainbow roses grow only in Holland and are pure magic! May I introduce you to my British friend Her Royal Highness Princess Dilly who lives in a carsol in Colchester England. She is a beautiful wagon princess! Yes, a real live dragon princess who looks smashing in her princessy pinkness and ribbons! She speaks with a charming accent and has a witty sense of humor that makes mommy snort through her nose! I asked Princess Dilly to do a special job at my wedding. As many of you might know my Matron of Honor, Auntie Stinkie, is almost blind and can not hear well in her advanced age. Princess Dilly will be her 'guide and escort' at the wedding ceremony. So please take some time and visit them. I promise you will come home a changed kitty. When a bride picks out her wedding dress she ponders over the length of the dress and the train and the veil and who will help her get dressed that special day. So let me introduce you to the sweet and lovely Miss Roxy who will be my official 'WEDDING DRESSER' and tend to all the details of my outfit so it will be purrrrfect. Be sure to come back this Friday, to join Mickey and his GROOMSMEN CATS for the BACHELOR PARTY all night long. All mancats and mancats in training are welcome. Our wedding blog will be public from next Monday on for you to come and drop off any gifts you might wish to leave for us in a post. While gifts are not necessary, they are starting to pile up in our mailbox. It would be so nice for you to leave them here along with any well wishes or advice for Mickey and myself as we look forward to beginning our married life together. Now lets have some more tea and cake!


  1. Oh Miss Peach, that is such a lovely picture of you !
    Those are indeed special guests. How cute to have a sweet mousie for the bridal escort.
    We are very excited! Olli is glad to be invited to Mickeys bachelor party on friday. He is looking forward to it!

    Have a great day together with your lovely bridal escort guests!
    Purrs and Hugs
    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  2. Miss Peach how wonderful an occasion this is turning out to be.. I posted my gift to you but our post is being very up and down at the moment with strikes etc, so I dont know when it will arrive. I will be comming to the stag if my boogie mat starts ok.. Love GJ xx

  3. Oh Miss Peach, I will endeavor to make you the most beautiful bride ever! Thank you so much for this wonderful honor!


  4. Dearest Miss Peache...there we are then..T and Me...and how exited we are....I am going to take good care of the flowers...they will be absolute marvelous...the room will be filled with so many colors you will think you are in the middle of a rainbow..Hug from T and Me...
    Your friend Miss Moussie

  5. What wonderful escorts you have chosen!

  6. Oh, how sweet to think of a guide for Auntie Stinkie. She is such lady and a dragon for an escort is wunnerful. Speedy is looking forward to Mickey's bachelor party...we're looking forward to having him out of the house all day *giggle*

  7. dear miss peach--how furry beautyful you are!! thank you so much fur inviting all us ladycats to enjoy some special time wif you. i was glad to leave the meower boys at home an' just relax wif refined ladies who know how to behave. i was excited (an' a little afurraid) to meet your escorts, but they all turned out to be just as delightful as you!! the tea an' cake (marzipan is my favorite) were scrumptious, an' all the soft places to rest an' relax on were sublime. your Mama is a really kind bean, an' i appreciated her skritches; i'm sorry i drooled a little on her. i can't help it, when i'm happy, i leak. anyway. thank you fur a wonderful day--i wish you an' mr mickey a long an' happy life just full of days even MORE wonderful!! your furriend, xing lu

  8. This is so sweeeeet and very exciting. I love fresh flowers from Holland too!
    I love the photo of you there in the pretty dress. You look like a curlyBRIDE KITTY yay
    purrrs, Prinnie

  9. From Auntie Stinkie:
    Dear Miss Peachy! And your glorious handsome groom Mickey!!!
    I am so HONORED to attend you. And thanks to Miss Dilly for her kind assistance.
    I meowed to Mommy and she allowed me to type a few words of gratitude for your friendship.
    I adore both of you and wish you every happiness in the world.
    I hope I don't eat too much cake!!!!
    Of course, Dr Tweety wanted to bring one of his giant hams as a token of his appreciation. I think it weighs about 672 pounds. He said he would order a large turkey for the actual day.
    Maximillian brought a bale of Burmese nip, Delilah lugged in some mousie pie, and Iris baked tuna pinwheels.
    Ahhhh, this tea is delish! I think I will put my paws up and stay awhile.
    Kisses to all,
    Auntie Stinkie

  10. Hi Sweetie Pie!!!!
    Are you getting excited????
    I am :) Can't wait for Friday, heehee
    Purrs Mickey, xoxoxoxoxoxox

  11. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals. It looks like you have a lovely bridal party.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  12. This is such a beautiful blog for a beautiful bride! We just can't wait for the wedding!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  13. Hi Miss Peach,

    Good luck for the wedding, I'm sure it will be lovely.

    Feline Kisses from Gotchi - The Cat

  14. Miss Peach
    You look the pictoowe of loveliness.
    What wondewful choices you made in miss Mousey, Pwincess Dilly and Miss Woxy..chawming sweeties one and all.
    This twooly is the wedding of the centoowy..I'm having such a lovely tiem.I'm so glad you liked my gifts..You have such exquisite taste, I was anxious.
    could you pleez pas me a madeleine? I do love to dunk them in my tea, heheh
    smoochie kisses

  15. Dear Miss Peach,

    of course, yes! I like to be your Brides Shoe Keeper! I'm so happy that you ask me to do that! It will be a honesty to do that.
    Thanks for asking me!

    Love and purrs,

  16. This is totally charming. It's a pleasure for me to be a guest here. Thankyou, Miss Peach.


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