Friday, October 23, 2009


Welcome to my Bachelor party all you dear friends...I have the honor of introducing you to my wedding party who will be standing by me during this wonderful moment.
Before we get this party going I will ask all of you to stand still for Sunny as he makes for the final tuxedo fitting. Everything has to be just purrrrrfect on my wedding day to Miss Peach so PLEASE hold still and he promises not to poke you with his needles too much!
I have selected these platinum and diamond cuff links as your groomscats gifts. Please do not lose them as they are custom made and cost a squillion green papers!Now try on your top hats and Sunny will give you lessons on how to tie your neck ties! Stop poking each other with those canes!!! Oh good grief, I can see this is going to be quite a night of herding cats!Lets all raise our glasses and give a toast to the rest of my days being happy in the arms of my beloved Miss Peach...Now break out the cards and the Oktoberfest Paulaner and lets get this party started in style!!!

Miss Lola Fannola will sing into the wee hours of the night accompanied by her New Orleans Jazz band "Five Stray Cats".....

Refreshments are being served in the parlor...we have shrimp delights, sweet Devonshire creme, and roasted sardines in cheese sauce...oh and a finger bowl to wash your sticky paws in.
The hula girls have come all the way from Maui to entertain us...

What is your favorite flavor? I will have catmint please....
Time to cut the bachelor cake. Do I have to save the top tier or something like that?The smoking lamp has been lit and the Cuban cigar girl will be around to pass out some smuggled in cigars...The cigarette girl will be around to pass out some smokes....The evening is so nice, lets take the party back out on the roof tops!Quick a few more last drinks while we can still stand on our two feet!One more stick of sweet cream butter before mommy finds out!OK now everykitty get into bed and have a goodnights rest. Tomorrow morning after breakfast you all have to teleport back home. Thank you all for coming and making my Bachelor party such a fun celebration!!


  1. WOW ~ this is the bestest party in the Werld. And Alfie is thrilled that Lola is singing (he's sweet on her).

    Pass the Niptinis. Hic!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  2. Where is everyone??? I think I was pretty quick to come as there is SNOW everywhere this morning. How depressing! So I couldn't wait to leave the girls behind and come.

    How! Everything looks so great!!

    Cheers to you Mickey!

    I'll just get a little drinky poo and have a seat on the warm rock and watch the sun come up.

    Purrs Goldie

  3. Indy and Everett here to wish you a happy Bachelor Day (is that what you call it?) Anyway, that cake looks delicious!

  4. Hey - it's me - Rudy! I am ready to get this party started! What a great spread!
    WooHoo - where's the catnip????

  5. "Zoey... it's a batchelor party, we're not s'pposed to be here."
    "Maggy... we're just gonna hide in the corner and watch all the handsome mancats."
    Happy Day Mickey...
    Happy Day Miss Peach...

  6. This is our first bachelor party and it is sooooo much fun! Thank goodness we are all grown mancats so we can really have a good time!
    Thanks for inviting us!
    Rambler, Ferris and Maya (don't be fooled by the name, I am in fact a mancat :)

  7. Nigel and Madison here!!! Is that Maggy and Zoey I see in the corner over there? Can't hide that lovely floof.

    Thanks for inviting us. Let's get some niptinis and some nip cigars and head over the congratulate Mickey. This is so cool leaving the girlcats behind for some mancat bonding. What a great celebration.

  8. PIERRO: Oh this is a fun party.
    I will try to behave myself and act like a big boy today

  9. This is my first effur batchelor pawty and man, am I having a BLAST!!! Plus, it's SO nice to get out of a house filled with girlcats! You are all such cool dudes, and boy, is that Lola Fannola some eye candy or what?!? YOWZA!!! The cigarette girl was purrty cute as well, and I couldn't believe she had Cuban Cigars!!! WTG Mickey!!! I wish you and Miss Peach a LIFETIME of health and happiness!!! You make the purrfect couple!!! Think I'm gonna go swagger back up to the bar and get myself a Bloody Mary with a side of sardines! WOO~HOO!!! Thanx again for having me!!!


  10. Hi Mickey, Congrats on finding a terrific lady cat like Miss Peach to share your life with.

    The roasted sardines in cheese sauce are delightful, we have never had that before. We shall have to take the recipe back to Mommy if you don't mind.

    ~Socks & Fenris

  11. Congratulations to you Mickey! Thanks for the invite too, I just hope my sisters don't get a whiff of my catnip breath when I get home or they will rat me out to Mom & Dad again. Oh well, it was worth it. Absolutely great party dude!

  12. A toast to Mickey and Miss Peach!!!!!!!! May your lives together be wonderful and filled with everything wonderful in this world!!!!!!!

    **Junior and Orion wander over, get some shrimp delights and a drink and settle in to watch Lola Fannola**

  13. Hi Mickey, we are here too....Patch and Olli
    This is our first Bachelor Party and we are very excited.
    This will be a great fun.
    Prosit, Mickey, you are so lucky to get married with Miss Peach!

    Thank your for inviting us!!!

  14. Wowie! They are going to be talking about this extravaganza for years to come!
    *Okay, Mama Lisa. We’re here now…you can scat! We’ll get ourselves home. No need to worry.*
    Well, of course, I’m going to worry Wizard. You keep an eye on your brothers. And don’t let Snafu pick fights, or let Yukon hog all the shrimp, or Owen drink too much…and see if you get Angus to be more social…and try to keep Nick from peeing inappropriately. This is your first visit here and I’d like to go well.
    *Of course, of course…(I can see I’m going to have fun). I’m just glad you made Moseley and BJ stay home. Go on now…bub-bye.*

    ~Five of the Cat of Nine Tales (Wizard, Nick, Angus, Yukon, Snafu and Owen)

  15. WHOO HOO.....We managed to get to the computer so that we ManCatSS could come to your great party! A toast to the groom to be! May you and your sweet Peach have a lovely life together!

    Okay...Sam...let's go and hit the bar before Mommy reliazes that we are online. Yummy....that cake is delicious!

    Thanks for inviting uSS......

  16. Shhh....Spats, Sassy, Summer....we have to be quiet....this party is for Mancats only. We just wanted to wish the groom a lovely day. Oh my! Is that Maggy and Zoey from Zoolatry?? Look! Hiding behind the plant. Let's go and sneak some cake and hid with them. Hi you two! Can we join you? Let's spy on the mancats. Hee Hee.....this is fun!

  17. hey guys, I brought some nip cigars to share. wooo look at that cigarette girl. *hands them to her* how about a niptini? ~~Pepi

  18. Good Evening Mickey!
    Your bethrothed, my dear 'Aunt' Miss Peach invited me as her 'Nephew'!
    I do enjoy a vintage pawty.
    Have brought you fine Brandy to toast your luck finding love.


  19. Pssst! It's me, HARLEY! Thanks for inviting me to the bachelor party. I have never been to one before. I would love to try a CIGAR!

    Congratulations, Mickey!

  20. Well Mickey, you certainly have done it up in style!! Max and I will take a couple of 'nip ceegars we wouldn't mind trying those sardines either. Max, get us a couple of drinks and I'll find us a seat near those dancing girls.

    Everyone, raise your glass to the end of Mickey's days as a lonely bachelor and join us in wishing him and his lovely fiance, Miss Peach, a long, happy marriage. (clickclickclick)


  21. Hula girls, shrimp delights, sweet Devonshire creme, booze. What a great send off for a great Mancat!

    Bendrix and I brought all four of our nip plants (which amazingly grew back after mommy almost killed them) to share!

    Congrats Mickey buddy. You've got an amazing lady on your arm for sure.

  22. Congrats Micky - we know Miss Peach but haven't really had a good chance to meet you - but we know if you were able to win Miss Peach's heart you have to be a great guy!

  23. Hoooyahhhh!!! Adan is finally here, sorry the Asia flight is a little bit later, but I am here!!!!
    Oah Mickey!!!! This is a wonderful great party!!!! Look at all these handsome tuxedo suits!!! How dashing we will be!!!!

    Miss Lola Fannola is so so sexy!!!
    Sweet Devonshire creme and roasted sardines in cheese sauce are yum yum yum yum~! Hmmmmm I am speechless!!!

    And the best part is roof tops party with some drinks, Hhooooooaaaaahhhhhh~!!!!!! Mickey you are the best!!!!!!!

  24. This has to be the greatest Bachelor Party ever! Wooooooooo. We have had the best time!

    Lola said she was delighted to sing for you and your guests!

    Congratulations to you both Mickey and Miss Peach and all the happiness in the world.

  25. I'm ready to party! This is a great bachelor party. It's nice to leave those pesky sisfurs of mine home for a change!

    Tamir (minus Sniffie and the Florida Furgirls!)

  26. Whew, I made it...hadda get the speach from Zippy...don't drink to much, don't stare at da dancing girls, don't pee outside da box, blah blah blah. Concatulations Mickey, we wish yoo a lifetime of happiness and all things wunnerful with Miss Peach. Oh, look, sardines in cheese sauce! I'll just grab a drink and join yoo guys. Sure is nice to get away from dem girls fur a day...

  27. Oh, by da way, it's just me, Speedy, left da girls home...

  28. Oh wow what a day we are having. The journey was long but worth it. I have eaten, danced and listened to beautiful singing and music.. A delightful day altogether. Thanks for asking me.. No if we can stop having fun in the bedroom with pillow fights its time to grab some shut eye. Hugs GJ x

  29. Wow! This is quite the pawty!! These niptinis are the absolute best and we are really enjoying these nip cigars! Thanks for inviting us, Mickey!

    Wally & Ernie

  30. My sissy, Asta told me about the upcoming wedding, and the pre-wedding festivities for the boys. Thought I'd stop by and wish the groom all the best. And maybe join the party for a bit, even though I'm kinda young for some of the more adult offerings. Hehehe.
    Congratulations, Mickey and Best Wishes, Miss Peach.

  31. ME wants LOTS AND LOTS of JACK!!!! - Billy

    Hey Billy - you better not get sick on that!!! - Miles

    Great party Mickey!!!

  32. Oh, what a great time we're having! Thanks so much for the invite, Mickey. And major congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!

    Woot, now we're going to go keep partying!!! Wheeeeeeee!

    Purrs and hugs,
    Bugsy and Pixie (yes, I'm a mancat!)

  33. Aww mans this is ones grands bachelor parties! MANCATS!!! WOOOO!!! *falls*


  34. Hey now, this is Nicky, and I wanna thank you for inviting me to your bachelor party. All kinds of neat stuff here today! Besides the fact it's also my birthday, this is a real red letter day!

  35. Kirby here. Thanks for inviting me, Mickey. This is the bests party I have eve been to. Angel would probably tell you this is the only party I've ever been to , but we aren't listening to the girls tonight! Mom told me to remember my manners but to have fun. Is that possible at a bachelor party.

  36. I was told I'm not supposed to smoke, but what happens at Mickey's bachelor party, stays at Mickey's bachelor party, right?


  37. Ping & Jinx:
    Wow look at this spread...Mickey you sure do know how to have a great send off!

    Jinx & Ping

  38. We hope we're not too late getting here! The party looks to be in full swing!
    The music and foods are great. Scout wants to go lick more butter!

  39. What a great get together to send off our Mickey to his lovely bride. Good food, good furiends, good fun.

    Good luck dear Mickey.

  40. Great party Mickey! I can smoke, drink, sing, dance with the lovely Miss Lola.... Oh la la she's really sexy... Love the food! It's good to be a Mancat! A toss to you dear Mickey!

  41. Oh boy!!!!!!! Oh boy!!!!!!! Oh Boy!!!!!!!
    It is so great to see all you fine Mancats and even a few ladycats,heehee
    May I propose a toast to my sweetie Miss Peach!
    I'm happy you came and glad you are having fun!!!!
    There will be tons more fun for any cat who sleeps over too ;) We want all kitties to be safe and what safer place than right here?
    Come on!!!!!!!! Lets party!!! WOOT!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  42. Are we glad we could sneaK on the computer for a second!!!! What an AWESOME Party! We might all three have a major hangover tomorrow - but who cares, hahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Thanks for inviting us and now LET'S PARTY!!!!
    Karl, Notty and Tintin.

  43. Hello Miss Peach and Mickey, I enjoyed looking at all your pictures of your wedding plans. So mamy fun things to do! Thank you for inviting us,also loved pics of Mommy's and her Mommy's wedding.
    Hugs and Purrs to you!
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  44. Alexi allowed us to use her bloggie to tell you we're enjoying the party!!! Great food and photos! Midnight, Bug, A.J, B.J. and Thor!

  45. This is a pawsome party! Have sum nip and catmint cigars I had handmade fer yoo!

    ~ Shadow ~

    Mickey, what a grand party this is! It is my first party I have been to, other than my own gotcha day. These sardines are the best!

    ~ Sir Trooder Lioncourt ~

  46. Hi Mickey! I'm a geezer girl cat, crashing your bachelor party. Just a purr for all you mancats and I'm on my way! Concatulations on your impending nuptuals! What a great day for a wedding - Halloween..........

    Purrrr, Halloween

  47. Mickey!
    We really enjoyed your party a lot. Thanks for inviting us! And Chester says thanks for including him too even though he is not a real ManCat till next month.

  48. Hullo! Teeheee! I waz heer all along! *HIC!*
    Oh boy that waz an ace pawty! *HIC*



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