Monday, October 19, 2009


Welcome lady cats and kittens to my bridal tea party...isn't my cake just heaven! I had it specially designed for the season. It is pure marzipan...please cut yourself a big slice...and let me pour you a nice hot cup of Lady Grey tea with rose petals in it.
First come and sit by me and give me some advice on what I can expect...
{{{on my honeymoon}}}
Now I have the honor of introducing you to my Bridesmaids who will stand with me on my special day...if you come back tomorrow I will introduce you to my very special Bridal Escorts. They are coming all the way from Holland and England!! There are three ladies and none of them are felines...can any of you guess who they might be?
But first make welcome:

Please be sure to take all of the gifts I have carefully selected for you below...I wanted everything to have a very romantic feel to it. What could be better than rainbow roses, cameos, perfume, jewelry and sweet French cakes?

Do you like my new wedding china? It is called Bridal Gown! Mommy found it for me in an antique shop.

Oh... I am so very glad you are here...
Please make yourself at home....take off your hats and kick off your high heels! I know many of you traveled a long way to get here.
Pick your favorite is a tea party of course...

Thank you all so much for coming by and making my day so special. I hope you enjoyed yourself and are going home feeling like a pampered and relaxed Honeycat! I hope you will come back again tomorrow...


  1. I really enjoy your party!
    It's worth travel a long journey from Malaysia to get here!


  2. Oh wow Miss Peach what a great party! And I'm so excited to be a bridesmaid at the wedding!

    Thanks for inviting me to your bridal tea! It's so much fun!

  3. What a gorgeous party!!!! Everycat looks simply divine!

    Purrs Shade and Banshee

  4. Oh, this is just lovely. The marzipan cake is so pretty and fits the season purrfectly. Thank you for all the nice gifts we love the rainbow rose. Thank you so much for inviting us to share the day with you. ~Scylla & Charybdis

  5. Such a beautiful and romantic party. I really do feel like a pampered puss now!

    Lola Fannola xxx

  6. I love to be pampered and I am enjoying this so much! I am honoured to be one of your bridesmaids, Miss Peach - Thank you!


  7. Oh Peachiecurls, I am so happy I made it, I left very early in the morning. I know I will need a nap and a massage later. Iwould love some tea and sweet goodies.
    Thank you for the sweet gifts, they are so lovingly picked out for us.
    today is the day that we can spend together!
    purrrs - Prinnie

  8. Wow Miss Peach, what a lovely party! I am so glad that I could come!

  9. Thank you for inviting me. This is a lovely party, and I am having a great time chatting with all the ladycats.

    purrs, Millie

  10. Dearest Cousin Miss Peach,

    I am so happy to attend your delightful party - being pampered is wonderful.

    It was nice to meet your bridesmaids too.

    Now, I see you still need something BLUE for your wedding day, that just has to come from me - leave it with me.

    Love & gentle strokes
    Your devoted cousin Blue

    Woodstock sends his regards to you & Miss Rosie!

  11. are boycats invited? It looks very beautiful here!

  12. Sorry I know I am a mancat and should not be here, but as an avid admirer I had to come and check all was ok, and be a bodyguard. I just loved seeing all your girly friends and was highly respectful of your ladies privacy.. You lady cats sure know how to have a good time. What a fabulous party.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. Oh boy, thanks for inviting me! it was simply lovely miss peach! I can't wait for the big day! --tesla

  14. What a grate pawty Miss Peach. It was grate to meet alla yore bridesmaids. We can't wait til da wedding.
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

  15. Miss Peach - we are speechless! This is most wonderful and we can't even imagine how the wedding will be if you start out with tea parties like this already!
    What a great party, thank you so much for inviting us!
    Mrs. OZ, Notty, Tintin, Edna and Coco.
    (Karl is at Versailles, attending yet another party... but he send his best!)

  16. Oh Miss Peach!!! We want to thank you furry much for inviting us to your Bridal Tea and Spa party. We are havinga blast and you sure do have a B~I~G Bridal Party! WOW!!! We are soaking our toesies and are enjoying all of the company! We want to tell you that since you found your sole~mate, to look forward to a LIFETIME of happiness and love! Thanx again for having us...

    Your Furriends,
    Skeeter and Pandora

  17. So many lovely bridesmaids. This is really going to be a big, fancy wedding.

    We enjoyed the food and drink, but most of all we enjoyed the wonderful company.

  18. What a wonderful party Miss Peach, thank you so much for inviting us!! We are very excited that you chose Auntie Stinkie for matron of honor and your bridesmaids are lovely.

  19. I'm not married, Miss Peach, so I can't give you any advice about your honeymoon. ::blush::

    But this is a wonderful bridal shower and I'm having a great time! Thanks for inviting me!


  20. Miss Peach, the PAWty is lovely, the food divine and the company exhilarating. We have brought shower gifts for you: some milk and honey bubble bath, a furry feminine mint green negligee (we hope your groom likes it) and a gift certificate for a massage and pedicure at your favorite spa.

    Now, we are off to giggle with the other girls to talk of romance and man-cats.

    Miss Camille Suzanne
    Miss Aurora Katrina
    Miss Rosemary JOY!

  21. What a lovely party. I have brought some thin sliced ham (and I even put it on a plate) just to add to the festivities.

  22. Oh Miss Peach!! What a wonderful time I am having!! Congratulations to you and Mickey! I can hardly wait for the weeding!!
    Love and hugs to you,

  23. All the kitties here are slumbering in the much needed and anxiously awaited sunshine which has been missing for too many days. They all send their wishes for a lifetime of purrfect happiness to you both. Please tell your mom what a wonderful time I had viewing all the gorgeous kitties, the beautiful wedding gowns, and the lovely preparations for the party. What a lot of time and preparation has gone into these wedding festivities and I know that you will Miss Peach will be eternally grateful to your special mom for all she has done.
    Furry hugs,

  24. Oh thank you so very much for inviting us to this fabulous tea party. You've really out done yourself. We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. And we get to visit with so many friends while we relax and party.

    luv and purrs
    Isis, Jeannie, Babe, Summer and mom Peggy

  25. WE are so happy for you and Mickey and what a great party!
    --JB and CocoBean

  26. Thanks for inviting us to your wonderful party! I am so excited for your upcoming wedding to Mickey!

  27. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. This is so exciting! I am just a young kitty and this is my first bridal shower I ever have been at. I cannot not offer you any ideas on what it will like to be married.
    The cake was delicious and the tea perfect.
    I love your china selection, it is so dainty and beautful, just like you.
    Thank you so much for the nice gifts, are you sure it is OK to take one of each? I don't want to be a piggie.
    Thanks for inviting me, I will be back later to check out all of the latest wedding details.

  28. Thank you for inviting me, Miss Peach. i had a lovely time. The gifts were wonderful. I am so relaxed and pampered not that I will have to nap close to Mom all afternoon. This is a lovely party place!

  29. What a fantastic party. Congratulations! We can't wait for the wedding!

  30. Thank you for the invitation, Miss Peach - what a lovely party - I'm sure that Sinda will stop by sometime during the day too. Love to you! T.

  31. Miss Peach what a wonderful party! The boys are going to be so jealous that Lola had such a good time! She is so excited to have been invited and had a great time - she can't believe you went to so much trouble when you are the one getting married - you should be the one being pamperred! We are all excited about your upcoming wedding - but with no married kitties in the house we don't have any good marriage advice - but we do say to enjoy every day with Mickey as much as you possibly can!

  32. Oh Peach dear, your cake is simply exquisite. But of course it would be. You designed it and we all know you have impeccable taste in these things.

    Thank you for inviting Misty and me to your party. We're watching our figures, so we'll have the tiniest bit of pastry and some catnip tea while we enjoy the company of your other guests.

    Crew's wedding gift for you & Mickey will be posted on our blog on Oct 27. It's too heavy for Misty and me to carry, otherwise we would have brought it along today.

    Tipper & Misty

  33. Oh wie romantisch es hier ist! Liebe Miss Peach, es wird eine wundervolle Hochzeit werden. Bestimmt sogar! Die allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche auch von Nicki und Maxi. Die beiden würden so gern einen Junggesellen-Abschied mit Mickey feiern. Dem glücklichen Paar alles Gute für eine lange gemeinsame und glückliche Zukunft von
    Bonnie, Nicki, Maxi und Birgit

  34. I know I'm a boy, but I just wanted to pop my head in and say what a lovely bride you will be Miss Peach, and you'll be surrounded by very pretty ladies to send you off to married bliss.
    Enjoy your party.
    I'm outta here to head back to my Mancave.

  35. Hi Miss Peach.

    Hello Ladies.

    We just wanted to stop by and say hello to all of you. Have a lovely day.

    Junior and Orion

  36. Hello, we are here too. Thank you for the invitation. This is such a lovely party.
    Luna is sooo excited to be your maid in honor!

    Now we enjoy all the tea and the seasonal marzipan cake and the gifts. Thank you very much! We feel pampered today!
    The wedding china is so beautiful!We are sure it will be a wonderful wedding!

    We love you!!!
    you furriends
    Luna and Luzie and Stefanie and Olli who is curious and would like to see what the girls are doing here

  37. Oh Miss Peach! What a lovely tea party, thank you so much for inviting us. Sadie would like to give you a paw massage. She's very good at them and after all the hard work you put into making this lovely party for all of us you could probably use a nice relaxing moment for yourself. We just love all the feminine touches as we rarely get to be "girly" at home. What a great bunch of lady cats here...we love all of you and speshully you, our beyootiful hostess! Ah, this is the life! We can't wait for the wedding. Now, on to gossip and cake!~Zippy and Sadie (who promised to get along just for your party)

  38. Hello BOOTIFUL lady cats!!! Ooo, such lovely bridesmaids, we hope we'll get a dance with the bride on the big day!

  39. What a truly delightful party, Miss Peach! Everything is wonderfully dainty and just perfect. I am truly enjoying myself.

  40. y Dawling Miss Peach
    I am honowed beyond wowds to be hewe and pawt of youw wedding pawty.
    Youw gifts awe divine..the flowews, the fwench cakes and that wose petal tea is beyond wowds.
    Youw china pattewn is the most bootiful, womantic pattewn I've evew seen . so fitting fow a womantic sweet Peach like you.
    My advice is to love wif all youw heawt , don't be afwaid to take a chance on opening youw heawt completely. always think of youw loved ones needs and happiness and you'll get it back a thousand fold
    smoochie kisses

  41. Miss Peach, this was a most splendid good time! I enjoyed the tea and cakes very much. Shadow will be sure to go to Mickey's bachelor party Friday!

    ~ Molly

  42. Miss Peach, this is such a wonderful party! Your cake is just gorgeous and tastes wonderful!

  43. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh Miss Peach, we are so excited to be here!!
    We love to be pampered,heehee
    We cannot wait to have you as our new 'sisfur'
    Everything here is perfect!!!! What great fun to spend this time with all the girls :)
    Hugs,Georgia & Tillie

  44. Oh, Miss Peach, what an adorable bride you make. I love your party. The china is divine. The cake? What could a girl-cat want more than such a scrumptious bridal cake? Yum.

    The tea is wonderful as always and all the tasty treats. I do love the spa, though, it was wonderful to sample all this heavenly products.

    Congratulations for you and Mickey. I'm so happy for you both.

    Hugs and hugs and hugs, Love Gretchen
    (sorry-I'm not a good one to give advice on a honeymoon)

  45. What a wonderful party this is. We girlcats left Tamir at home so we could enjoy a day with other ladycats!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids (minus Tamir)

  46. Delightful! Wonderful! I am blown away by the beauty and elegance of your bridal shower. You are one special bride :)

  47. What a wonderful party!!! Thankyou for inviting me along. Congratulations! This is the first I hear of the happy event as I have not beeen very active lately.

  48. Thank you for including me in your party:) I wish all the best for you as you set sail on a new lifetime journey. ~Tristan

  49. Miss Peach, what a special party! We feel so honored to be able to be here! All of us girl kitties are here, we left the boys at home. Everything is wonderful and I hope you noticed we are all on our best behavior! We can hardly wait for your wedding. You know we don't normally like getting our claws "done", but this was fun.

    xoxo Cory, Ellie, Bennette, Ginger, Jonesie and Cecilia

  50. I haven't felt this pampered in a long time. Thank you for inviting me to your bridal shower.

  51. What a wonderful day Miss Peach.

  52. Oh, no.......I missed it! I fell asleep and Patches didn't wake me up! Sniff Sniff.

    Mittens Pollypaws

  53. Oh Dearest Miss Peach, Miss Billie, Cricket and I had the most wonderful time at your Bridal Tea Party! The tea and treats were yummy and the spa treatment was so relaxing. Mommy Karla has the most elegant taste in china! You are such a lucky ladytcat.
    I know you and Mickey will be so very happy together and we can't wait for the wedding. Let Billie know when you have the bride's maids dress fittings!
    Love and kisses,

  54. WOW! What a party! The best cake I ever saw, plus lots of furries to cuddle! I am in Heaven!

    (How did Asta get in as a bridesmaid? LOL!!!!)

  55. HEWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dilly luv frilly stuff, ribbons an frills an pink!
    AWL be luvly!
    Dilly want be flower gerl!
    Dilly want be flower gerl!
    Be gwayte pawty, Miss Peach!
    Dilly go for uther French Caykies now...


  56. Oh Miss Peachy! What a Pawesome party! I haven't had so much fun in a very long time! You are so beautiful & tasteful,& you have exquisCatsit Taste in in all of your choices!Your party was the most Di-Feline Decadent I have ever attended, or should I say Divinely decadent!! I really had fun indulging & pampering myself today- so many beautiful party gifts- I am feeling so relaxed and pampered today! Thanks so very much for inviting me to your party! I'm going to have sweet Marzipan dreams tonight,-I just had a teeny bit of your de-Catlicious Cake-oh, being on a diet is hard.-- I am tempted to eat the large piece that you so graciously sent home with me for Stormy & Fancy-mmm, so tempting! Love, Valery xoxo

  57. Oh what a glorious party and I almost missed
    it. I've been so delayed, planning my own parties. Everything was super! Aaah Marzipan
    Cake my goodness how did you know it is my
    favorite? ♥ Jewelgirls Katz ♥

  58. Congratulations On Your Wedding. Wishing both of you a happy married life ever after :)

  59. Miss Peach, what a wonderful party! Thank you for including so many of us and we look forward to the wedding!

    Tamar (without Charlemagne this time)

  60. Miss Peach,
    What a wonderful party!!! I am sure you and Mickey are making wonderful plans. I am so honored to be a bridesmaid. Thank you, Karla, for hosting this!!

  61. This is so wonderful,
    how come I am not a girl!?!

  62. Oh Miss Peach! I am so sorry that I am, but my human says "better late then never". It looks like you had a wonderful party. Perhasp we could pour ourselves a cup of tea, have some cookies and visit for bit. Then I can help you clean up the mess from the party. What do think? I know you don't me very well. I am Opus's "new" sister. He has told me all about you and how much he and Rosocoe ejoyed visitng you. I do hope that we can become friends.

    Happy wedding to you! I am so happy for you!
    With Warm Kitty Hugs,

  63. We are so sorry that we are late for the party, but we are always thinking about you!!!

    Love, uSSSSS


We thank you for being with us on this special day