Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Wonderful wonderful wonderful......
Luna's mommy Stefanie sent these pretty treasure for my wedding... a beautiful tin with our faces smiling on it. Handmade sweethearts and a lacy doily, mousies and a catnip bags. What more could we wish for...
Bonnie's mommy Birgit made this clever little butterfly tin for me...and oh look at this beautiful handmade French heart shaped box!!!
All my pretty wedding gifts look so vintage in this shade of sepia.....
Birgit made this wonderful soldered pendant with Mickey and my wedding photo in it. She is so very talented and I am amazed...
Nelly's mommy Anja made this wonderful wedding adorable bridal veil and a bouquet of English daisies. The finest German lace was used as you can see in the close up. Mommy remembers how wunderbar the laces are in Germany!
Anja also made this treasured wedding scrapbook! Lovingly selected and carefully placed, each picture tells our story of LOVE....

How lucky can an old cat get to have such nice friends in the homeland! I was so surprised by their collective kindness. A thoughtfulness from far away that brought tears to mommies eyes....We thank you all so much.


  1. How lovefurly. Mom STILL has to send your gift. We've, well the beans, have had some bad luck with those bid mashines that they drive and mom's has been costing her LOTS of green papers!

  2. Oh my!! All of these treasures are absolutely lovely. Perfect for your new life together.
    Your friends in Germany are just so creative!

    I hope you are happy and warm MissPeachyorangecurlypuff! I know you are happy. Do you get snow yet?
    here we are having a big rain storm for three, maybe four days!!! some low pressure system off the coast. NO SUN. Mom puts the bendy light on for me and it makes me feel like it is sunny.

    Love and purrrs always,
    Your curlykin sister, Prinnie

  3. You got some very beautiful gifts there. No wonder your mum was leaky eyed.. That lace so very lovely... Hugs GJ x


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