Thursday, November 12, 2009


As you can see, we had a nice dusting of snow in the alps last night...but the sun is out now and we are wandering through town window shopping.Here we are getting ready to board one of the little electric boats to go on our little cruise across the lake...we had our picture taken and almost fell into the water because the silly dog was chasing a ball! This emerald lake nestled between the alpine valley of Berchtesgaden, is the "Konigssee" (which means Kings Lake). Mommy has been here many times. It is unforgettable to ride the electric ship across the clear green water and listen to the amazing echo of the trumpet in the center of the lake.



  1. Thanx for virtually bringing us along! You both seem like you're having the time of your lives!

  2. Dearest Peachykins!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot believe there are so many wonderful places to see :) Naturally, seeing them with you makes everything much more exciting! I am having the time of my life :)
    As for all the wedding gifts...WOW!! So many wonderful things :o
    The gifts sent by Luna's Mom Stefanie,Nelly's Mom Anja and Bonnie's Mom Birgit are SO amazing and exquisit!!!!! What fine,talented beans they are!!!!!'
    Oh boy!! I am a happy,lucky Mancat!!!!!!!!
    Hugs,your loving Hubby

  3. Dearest Peachykins,
    How wonderful it is to be visiting so many pawsome places with you :) The scenery is beautiful and you being by my side makes it more so!! I am such a lucky Mancat.Happy too ,heehee
    We are truly blessed to have such great friends too. They have given us wonderful gifts. So thoughtful of them :)
    The gifts sent by Luna's Mom Stefanie,Nelly's Mom Anja and Bonnie's Mom Birgit are SO amazing and exquisit!!!!! What fine,tanented beans they are!!!!!
    I am so happy to be honeymooning with you!!!!!!
    Hugs,your loving Hubby

  4. Oh I loved seeing your album, sweet ones.

  5. Still hurts a lot to match Mickey! Linda omenagem .. remembering your wedding, remember it is to live ... But here in this moment is pain, loss, is suffering ...
    Misses Peach liked to see the vidios
    When you want to go back very glad to answer you my friend.
    A turrinha caring for you and your girlfriend mamy

  6. Very very beautiful photos and ideas , I love the nice decorations you offered us to see:) thanks

  7. Monday comes to my blog, go there for something for you
    Good weekend
    Ronrons Girlfriend

  8. The video/song of the man signing with the echo is so very he really outdoors doing that at that lake you mentioned ?

    Thank you for dropping nice to you come all that way over here to Texas, USA.
    Yes, she was an "instant relative"..and I enjoy her.


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