Friday, October 30, 2009

A wedding present from the Castle Cats!

Hi Mrs. Peach,
Mombean and I have finally decided on a wedding present for you and Mickey.

Here it is: An all-expenses paid trip to Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. This beautiful estate is largest privately owned house and estate in the USA and one of Mombean and Blu Cat Man's favorite places. Here is a pichur.


While there, please tour the Estate's fine Winery. Bernard Delille is the winemaster and has made many award winning wines at Biltmore. He has a special present for you. A case of the same sparkling wine that Mombean and Blu Cat Man had at their wedding reception. Here are pics of the winery and the wine bottle. We toast both of you and your love and happiness together for many years!

Hope you enjoy your trip ! For help in planning your trip, we suggest visiting this page of the Biltmore website. We suggest visiting in December as the Estate is wonderfully decorated for Christmas.


The following presents will sent to you as well.
Beautiful bed linens for your bed.
And some beautiful china for you, Mrs. Peach.



  1. All of us at Furrydance are wishing you the happiest of 9 Lives together, filled with lots to purr about!

  2. Deb and I plus all the kitties want to wish you HAPPY WEDDING DAY!!!!!

  3. Happy wedding day to you both! We know you are purrfect for each other and will be so happy!!!!
    --JB, Chester, CB, Armani and Gaia too!


We thank you for being with us on this special day