Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Wedding Gift For You Both...

Tygana: Well I sat and thought long and hard about what you to get you both for your big day. Something fun, yet practical; something you could both enjoy together, yet enjoy alone as well; something that you can come together in and grow together in. After much deliberation I thought I had made my choice, so I spoke to everyone I could to make sure my gift to you two lovebirds would not be duplicated! I checked the blog over and over night after night to make sure my gift to you both was not already acquired. After realizing it was truly something the two of you have yet to receive I decided it was perfect. So I present you two with my gift I hope it will bring many happy memories and many kittens to come.

For you my dears...

A home.

Fill it with all your memories, it can be your own private get away from the many stresses of the world. I give you both my best wishes for you future together.

*takes a bow*


  1. What a beautiful cottage home that is purrfect for the two of you!


We thank you for being with us on this special day