Sunday, July 12, 2009


Here are the lovely rings we will place on each others paws. Mickey gave me my diamond on Valentine's Day when he asked me to be his bride.This was his first gift to me...a lovely tea set.
Our first date...Our dreams...
SO much has happened since then to delay our wedding. First I got sick with a dreaded ear infection which led to my going to the Vet. That visit led to a series of surgeries to remove many undesirable things from my purrrson. Recovery was a very slow and painful six weeks. Then I almost lost my beloved Lapdaddy when he had his heart attack in April. Next my beloved Mickey had several tests done while we waited for results once again. Not all things can be changed or we will both live day by day in hopes that there will be many. It has been two years since we first strolled down my cozy cottage garden path together paw in paw. Then I served him tea and we spoke of many things...a lady and a gentleman at the beginning of their courtship.

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  1. I am SO honored to be the first to view this beautiful wedding blog. I loved looking at your courtship. Everything is so lovely. Uncle "The Big Guy" said that he courted me for exactly a year before he proposed quite properly.

    I know that you have had many trials and tribulations during this time, but you have PREVAILED!!!

    I love you so much!

    Auntie Deb


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